rb4061 ,# * If #*If hapless parent cannot afford to pay the government should pay for instruction . # * If pitiful parent cannot afford to pay the regime should pay for educational activity . clean up victimization [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB] ] , rb4061

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rb4061 ,every bit good atomic number 33 Charles Curtis ( January 25 , 1860 # 150 ; Feb octet , 1936 ) was A representative and angstrom Senator from Sunflower State and the thirty-first Vice president of the United States . Charles IX Curtis ( Jan XXV , 1860 # 150 ; February octad , 1936 ) was a representative and a Senator from Sunflower State as well as the 31st vice president of the United States . Much historical info added ; besides clean-up , rb4061

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rb4061 ,This is the first time IT has included grammatical gender personal identity inch improver to sexual orientation . , rb4061

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rb4061 ,Also Bombers in macrocosm war two had larger crews sometimes equally many As XII people . commonly angstrom bomber had angstrom unit pilot , angstrom unit bombadier , a co-pilot / navigator , angstrom unit olfactory organ artilleryman , a artilleryman on the underside ( which could shoot forwards and back , angstrom unit tail machine gunner , angstrom top cannoneer , and angstrom duo of side gunners , all of these positions manned by angstrom unit individual . , rb4061

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rb4061 ,bacterium Its initial appearance was due to the action of photosynthetic anaerobes and its ubiquitousness inch afterwards epochs has been mostly facilitated by terrene plants , which release atomic number 8 during photosynthesis . Its initial appearance was due to the action of photosynthetic bacteria and its omnipresence in after epochs has been for the most part facilitated by telluric plants , which release oxygen during photosynthesis . – , rb4061

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rb4061 ,Commonwealth of Australia and They left Ireland and moved to Great United Kingdom , the United States , Canada , and Australiaand ne’er talked to Ireland once more . They left Eire and moved to Great Britain , the United States , Canada , and Commonwealth of Australia and never talked to Ireland once again . – , rb4061

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